…the need to LEAVE.

I’ve had the travel bug this year.


I guess in reality I haven’t traveled that much.  I went to Phoenix is April, but that was for work.  I went to San Diego in June for a family wedding and extended it for some vacation time.  I went to Los Angeles in August but that was for a funeral.  So, no, I haven’t traveled enough this year.

So I think I can plan some more trips.

I’m thinking DC in October.

I’m thinking the Florida Keys in March

I know I’ll be in Portland come May.

In the mean time, though, I think I need to go camping.  Wonder how the dog will do camping?  Although, considering how loud she’s snoring on her bed right now I don’t think anyone will want to go camping with me if they have to share a trailer with her.

Or, maybe I’ll go to Missoula for a weekend.

Or Canada.

Any ideas?  Anyone want to join me?

I guess I could stay home and do something on my house.

Hmm…..thinking, thinking, thinking…


OK, I’m not really jealous of my dog but seriously, listen to my morning.  On my way to the office I went through the coffee drive-thru only no one asked me how I was doing.  No, they asked how the dog was and how the cat was and if the dog could have a treat.  I know, sweet, huh, then we headed to the bank.  Again I went through the drive-thru and the lady helping me asks if my dog can have a treat (seriously, she didn’t ask me if I had a transaction, she asked if my dog could have a treat) then she left to do my banking transaction and not one but TWO other tellers came to the window to see the dog.  And asked me to come inside next time instead of using the drive-up window because they are a “dog friendly bank”.  I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a dog friendly bank let alone that I chose to bank there.  So, tomorrow we’re going inside so my spoiled dog can meet everyone at the bank.  (OK, I just thought that was funny.)

So, that picture above, that’s when Panda got to meet the cows.  That glee you see in her eyes…that’s from the fact that the cow is licking her — yes, the cow was licking her.  The nastiness on her chest, that’s from when she army crawled through the mud trying to figure out how to get closer to the cows.  I wish I could have seen it but I was out of town at my Grandma’s funeral and my assistant and her boyfriend were dog-sitting.  I had a great giggle over that picture though.  Who knew that my BULLdog would be enamored with cows.  (If you don’t see the humor in that research why bulldogs were bred in the 1600s.)

So, when I returned from my adventure (ha) to California for my Grandma’s funeral I had to take the dog and the cat to the vet.  I wish I could blame that adventure on someone else but, no the idiocy wisdom of trip was all me.  It was supposed to be a quick, easy trip to have Panda rechecked after her ear/eye/skin infection and get Jeeves updated on his shots.  Instead it turned into Jeeves staying there all day for observation because his gut was bloated with gas, he’d lost a bunch of weight and started vomiting all over my bedroom (no, not the house my BED and the floor beside my bed).  See, that beautiful kitty who’s trying to look so calm and cute in that picture (because the dog is sound asleep, snoring, in her locked crate) is a psycho case.  Yeah, the vet recommended anxiety medication for my cat, after we get the stomach infection under control that he got from being so anxious over our new resident.

Freaking cat.

Oh, I didn’t tell you about my adventure at the vet with Panda.  I had an appointment scheduled after I got her to get her checked out.  No big deal, right?  Well, I had to call and move that appointment up to an urgent same-day appointment because she had an oozing rash on her chest.  So, we get in and besides the oozing hot spot she had an ear infection in BOTH ears and a scratch on her eye that got infected.  But, that’s not the crazy part.  The crazy part is that my dog needs an EYE LIFT.

Yeah, I never even knew they did plastic surgery on dogs and here I own one that needs it.  Now, before you go all Beverly Hills on me listen.  Bulldogs have wrinkles (thus the need to clean her wrinkles every night to get the slobber and drool and whatever else gets stuck in them).  Well, my lovely bulldog has a wrinkle on her eye lid that causes the lower lid to roll in which puts her eye lash poking right into her eyeball which causes it to scratch the surface of the eye every time she blinks.  Thus, the eye infection.

You can laugh now.  I did, right after I rolled my eyes.

So, we’re planning that surgery — it will happen at some point.  So, that last picture if Panda playing with her pink soccer ball.  I should have gotten a video so you could hear the snorting and grunting that took place but I didn’t, and now I can’t because the soccer ball is in the garbage (after I gagged) because it was sopping wet with dog drool.

OK…I gotta get.  The dog is snoring, the cat is panicking because the crate isn’t locked yet, and I have a busy day at work tomorrow.  My high maintenance animals and I need out beauty sleep so we can tackle the day.  Well, they need their beauty sleep, I need my sleep so I can take care of their many needs tomorrow.

Seriously, my animals are more high maintenance than I am….there’s something wrong with that.


So, Saturday morning I got up kind of early and headed to Kalispell to pick up Panda.  It was a LONG drive, seriously 200+ miles each way.  Not too bad but, long.

I met her previous family in a parking log and they said their good-byes.  Then I strapped her in to the car and we headed home.

The colorful pile is her turtle bed and special blanket.  So, the first question everyone asks is:  “how’d she do on the drive?”  So, I’ll tell you, she slept.  No joke, she slept the 3 1/2 hours it took us to get home.  I stopped at a rest-stop for her to go potty, but she didn’t need to.  We also ran into a problem with the travel dog bowl I bought for her.  So, we had to improvise.

After that stop we hit the road for the rest of  drive.  I had to stop somewhere to pick up a dog bed for her because I’d prefer if she slept on a comfy bed that is all hers rather than on my couch.  I found a super ugly (I’m sorry, but it’s ugly) but comfy looking tiger striped bed that I bought.  Of course, she LOVES it.  So, no matter how ugly I think it is she can have it.  Then we stopped at Petco hoping to see the lady who helped me pick out the stuff we’d need for the drive home but she was already gone for the day.  So, I bought a toothbrush (don’t laugh…the family who had her had started brushing her teeth so I’ll keep it up because brushing her teeth is a heck of a lot cheaper than dental work for rotten teeth).  She actually doesn’t mind getting her teeth brushed.

We got home, she and I explored the house with her on a leash, then I let her off the leash to check things out.  She seems to like the house.  Then, she met Jeeves.  That didn’t go over too well.  Jeeves isn’t so sure about a dog coming to invade his house.  Especially a dog that actually wants to greet him.  All was fine with that until Panda realized she could almost reach the window sill that Jeeves was taking refuge on.  Thus the great chase began and ended with one shattered glass and my dinner all over the floor.  The cat hid, the dog had to go to the laundry room so I could clean up the shattered glass (she wasn’t in trouble, I needed to keep her safe).  Jeeves decided to venture out again which resulted in another shattered bowl.  Yeah, I learned my lesson and have put things away for now.

So bedtime came and Panda wasn’t too sure about that.  She wandered the house and explored and made lots of noise all night.  I think she was nervous or anxious and didn’t know what to do.  I also learned that her back legs creak when she walks.

And, she snores.


So, that cemented my decision to get her a crate.  I went yesterday to pick up the crate and brought it home.  Put the ugly dog bed (that she loves) in there.  She LOVES the crate.  She laid in it a lot yesterday and when it was bedtime I told her to go to bed and she walked right in and settled in for the night.  Not a peep out of her all night.

This morning I decided to bring her to work with me.  I wanted to give Jeeves a break at home and it’s hot so I didn’t want Panda stuck inside all day.  When I picked up the crate yesterday I also bought her another bed which I brought to the office.  Of course, she’d rather sleep on the floor than on the comfy bed I bought her (crazy dog).  So, now she’s laying on the floor behind me snoozing (luckily not snoring yet).

Brian came over last night, he wasn’t too impressed with how cute she is but she sure likes him.  She danced around and shared her nasty bone with him.  He even played with it with her.  Faye and Kyle came over this morning to meet her.  She loves both of them but Kyle isn’t so sure about her.  She just wanted to play with him but he just wasn’t so sure about that.  So, we’ll slowly work up to them playing together.  Kyle did like her, and she was super nice to him just excited to have a kid around.

So, there’s the shortened version (yeah, it’s the short version) of the weekend with Panda.  :)


  1. Tomorrow
  2. morning
  3. I’m
  4. picking
  5. up
  6. my
  7. bulldog
  8. Panda
  9. in
  10. Montana.

I’m not excited or anything.



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Hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!


So, I mentioned that I might be dog-sitting.  Well, Miss Chloe has arrived and we’re doing good so far.  She and Jeeves get along fine as long as they ignore each other.  I’ll admit that occasionally they will look at one another and I swear they just do it to piss the other off.  But, they really are fine together.  Honestly, if it weren’t for the beast dogs two doors down that like to terrorize Jeeves we’d probably be fine.  But, yeah, the beasts have ruined life for Jeeves.

But, let me tell you a secret about this dog.  She is completely and totally OBSESSED with my father.  She’s his dog, right, so that would make sense, right.  Except one problem, she was MY DOG FIRST.  My feelings are kind of hurt.  Seriously, she was mine, I adopted her.  I loved her when my father said she was ugly way back when she was missing all her fur from the trauma of her old abuser (aka owner).  But, whatever, now she’s OBSESSED with my dad.  Which wouldn’t be that big of a deal except the dog freaks out if my dad isn’t around.

For example, this morning she was at the office with me.  She was laying nicely on the little bed I made for her under my desk.  My dad got bored so he came to the office for a few minutes.  The dog sees him and when he leaves she whines and carried on until I took her outside so she could see that he wasn’t there.

But, that’s not it.  We had to go by the store tonight because my dad left something there.  I sat in the car with the dog while he ran inside.  The dog literally paced the entire TWO minutes he was gone.  Not in a fun “where’d he go” search but in a panic pacing action.

And, don’t even get me started on bed time.  My dad is trying to convince himself it will be OK for the dog to stay here with me when they go home.  So, she’s supposed to stay in my room at night.  Yeah, that means she paces and cries ALL NIGHT LONG until I give in and let her in his room.  Last night we worked out a deal, sort of, (actually I took charge and told her she needed to get over it) I put her in her crate for a while then told her she could get back in bed ONLY if she went to sleep.  It worked, until 4:30AM (that was at 12:30 so it worked for 4 hours which is better than the night before).

Right now, she’s in her crate, crying.  But, as soon as I publish this I’ll let her out and hopefully she’ll settle down and sleep.  Cause seriously, she’s driving the cat and me crazy.

But, she’s really giving me the “I want a dog” itch BAD.  We’ll see.

OK…she’s barking, gotta go show her who’s boss.