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My nephews and niece are a pretty important part of my life.  They have their own toys, bedroom, and bathroom at my house.  They have toothbrushes and their own cups in a cupboard that they can reach.  None of the kids have their own animals at their house so going to Aunties was pretty cool because I had a cat.  They knew the rules, they could play with the cat but if he went under my bed he was off-limits.

When I brought Panda home the first thing I asked was how she got along with kids because there are children at my house.  Well, Rider, my oldest (almost 7) nephew, grew up with my parents dog.  Now, granted, my parents dog is psychotic, but he knows how to behave around a dog.  Rider is great with Panda.  He can feed her (we have a special food routine where Panda has to sit until invited to eat) without a problem.  He can take her outside, he can walk her (the dog weighs almost twice what he weighs).  He can get her to sit or calm down.  Rider absolute loves Panda and she loves him back.

Ally (my 6 1/2 year old niece) also loves the dog.  Panda is  bit bigger than I think she thought so Ally gets a little overwhelmed at times but, again, Ally can walk her on a leash without problem.  If Panda gets overly excited Ally gets a little anxious but for the most part they are great together.

Then we have Kyle.  Kyle will be 4 in December and Kyle isn’t too fond of dogs.  He hasn’t been around them much and one time he had a dog snap at his face.  Of course, the more afraid he would get the more excited Panda would get because Kyle would start running around trying to get away from her.  Well, we had a break-through this week.  Kyle was in the office and wanted me to put Panda in her crate but I told Kyle to tell Panda that he’s the boss.  So, he did.  And Panda listened.  It was so neat to see.  The next day he was in the office and Panda came up to him again and Kyle put his hands on his hips and said “I’m the boss!”.  Panda sat down in front of him and it’s been a very happy boy and dog ever since.  Kyle also got brave enough to give Panda a treat and now he loves to give her treats and asks me when he comes if he can.  He tells her to sit then gives her a cookie.

I’m one happy Auntie with three kids who now love my dog.


So, I mentioned that I might be dog-sitting.  Well, Miss Chloe has arrived and we’re doing good so far.  She and Jeeves get along fine as long as they ignore each other.  I’ll admit that occasionally they will look at one another and I swear they just do it to piss the other off.  But, they really are fine together.  Honestly, if it weren’t for the beast dogs two doors down that like to terrorize Jeeves we’d probably be fine.  But, yeah, the beasts have ruined life for Jeeves.

But, let me tell you a secret about this dog.  She is completely and totally OBSESSED with my father.  She’s his dog, right, so that would make sense, right.  Except one problem, she was MY DOG FIRST.  My feelings are kind of hurt.  Seriously, she was mine, I adopted her.  I loved her when my father said she was ugly way back when she was missing all her fur from the trauma of her old abuser (aka owner).  But, whatever, now she’s OBSESSED with my dad.  Which wouldn’t be that big of a deal except the dog freaks out if my dad isn’t around.

For example, this morning she was at the office with me.  She was laying nicely on the little bed I made for her under my desk.  My dad got bored so he came to the office for a few minutes.  The dog sees him and when he leaves she whines and carried on until I took her outside so she could see that he wasn’t there.

But, that’s not it.  We had to go by the store tonight because my dad left something there.  I sat in the car with the dog while he ran inside.  The dog literally paced the entire TWO minutes he was gone.  Not in a fun “where’d he go” search but in a panic pacing action.

And, don’t even get me started on bed time.  My dad is trying to convince himself it will be OK for the dog to stay here with me when they go home.  So, she’s supposed to stay in my room at night.  Yeah, that means she paces and cries ALL NIGHT LONG until I give in and let her in his room.  Last night we worked out a deal, sort of, (actually I took charge and told her she needed to get over it) I put her in her crate for a while then told her she could get back in bed ONLY if she went to sleep.  It worked, until 4:30AM (that was at 12:30 so it worked for 4 hours which is better than the night before).

Right now, she’s in her crate, crying.  But, as soon as I publish this I’ll let her out and hopefully she’ll settle down and sleep.  Cause seriously, she’s driving the cat and me crazy.

But, she’s really giving me the “I want a dog” itch BAD.  We’ll see.

OK…she’s barking, gotta go show her who’s boss.


So, since I don’t have enough that I’m doing right now I offered to dog-sit my parents dog (you know the dog that used to be mine that my dad adopted (or dognapped) from me a few years ago).  They put their house on the market and since they are driving up here next weekend with my sister and Rider I figured it would be a lot easier for them to bring Chloe up here then and be able to show their house without her around plus packing and moving would be easier.

So, here’s the problem, the dog is C-R-A-Z-Y, I have a cat and I’m not sure how either will do with the other.  Plus, the dog is C-R-A-Z-Y.  So, to keep the dog safe, me sane, and my house from getting destroyed by this (C-R-A-Z-Y) dog I am looking for a crate.  (Plus, I just think crates are good for dogs.)  Here’s where I need your help…anyone have any input on crates?

The dog is 8 inches tall and about 12 inches long.  So, I need some input on the right size crate for her.  Also, I’m not sure which type is best.  Chloe is C-R-A-Z-Y but she won’t chew or destroy the crate (honestly, despite my dad’s protests I really think she’ll like it) but I’m not sure which is the best choice.  Ideally I’d like to use this for a future dog that I hope to add to my family (assuming it’s the right size and assuming I find someone who can install a fence for less that the price I paid for my house).

So, with all that randomness, opinions please.  :)


to say the least.

Got to work and my brother wanted to have a talk.  No big deal.  I’m his sounding board for his business I listen, give advice, he takes it or not. The day started out great.  I was on task. Got a bunch done.  Even made it to a conference call that I always miss.

Then on my way home my dad called.  My grandfather is in the hospital.  (It’s so weird for me to say “my grandfather” I always refer to him a “my dad’s dad” — we aren’t close.)  He’s 97 and broke his femur.  He was supposed to have surgery today but his blood pressure was too low so they  had to take care of that and he’s having surgery tomorrow.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.  I’ve never had any type of relationship with him.  He doesn’t really even know who I am.  My dad’s feeling kind of weird about it too, I could tell.  He found out about it through my sister (who stays in contact with one cousin — one of the only ones that has any relationship with the grandparents).  He said he called today to talk to his dad but he wasn’t sure he knew who he was.  He even made a comment that he obviously wasn’t important enough since they didn’t even bother to call him.  Even after so many years of NO relationship with his dad I think my dad still wants one.  It made me sad.

Then I got home and was taling to some neighbors and found out that the crazy lady was evicted and has to be out by this coming weekend.  I also found out that one of the neighbors overheard her threatening to “talk to” the bitch and leave some “presents” for some other people before she left.  When I say this woman is crazy, I mean PSYCHOTIC.  I’ve had her husband probation officers talk to me about her.  He was arrested but only because they didn’t have enough on her and she was pressing charges.  I’m 99.9999% sure she’s a drug addict.  I wouldn’t be surprised if someone confirmed she’s a prostitute.  I’ve known enough gang members to know that it’s not a far call to say her husband and/or her boyfriend are probably members.  (Yes, she has a husband and a boyfriend — the husband caught her with the boyfriend which is why he went to jail, thus the probation officer.) I’m kind of weirded out about her.  The probation officers have asked me why I haven’t called the cops on her — IT’S BECAUSE SHE SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF ME.  In fact, no one has called the cops on her because everyone in the building is afraid of her.  The woman is PSYCHOTIC.  So, I have a feeling it’s going to be a rough couple of weeks for me.  There’s no reason she should do anything to me, but there’s no reason she should do anything to ANYONE in the building.  But, I’m also fairly certain that she saw me talking to the probation officers one time.

It’ll be nice to have her screaming and yelling GONE.  I talked to my sister tonight (the one that works for dispatch for the police/sheriff dept.) and she recommended I log the day I was told of the threats and try to get her license plate #.  “Just in case.”  Of course, my freaked-out brain said “just in case she MURDERS me?!?”

In the mean time, I think I’m going to go get some ice cream tonight.  :)   Yummy.


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It’ s a good thing I took Friday off.  My weekend was so dang busy that I needed Friday to prepare for it.  :)

Rider woke up Saturday morning completely rash free.  :)   Yipee, because I had a lot I wanted to do.  Luckily, he was game for all of it.  First thing in the morning we headed to the Farmers Market.  I got some great vegetables (OMG, I made the most amazing zucchini dish with the zucchini – WOW) and Rider picked out one vegetable for himself — no surprise it was snap peas that he snaps and eats the peas out of.  But, I was so proud of the picky little man — he tried Hummus from a vendor that makes and sells it.  He didn’t like it (which didn’t surprise me) but he TRIED IT!

We decided that we wanted to go to the PowWow instead of watching the parade so that helped us not have too much to do.  After the Farmers Market we headed over to the Donut House for a donut and hot chocolate (only I got an apple fritter and coffee).  As we were enjoying our treat I realized that the were in the parking lot, the roads were being blocked off, and the parade was going to start any minute (of course the people sitting on the sidewalk in front of the donut shop and the police turning cars away helped me realize that fact).  I also realized that it was 11:15 and the parade started at 11:00.  I almost panicked when I realized that the only way were were leaving was if we left right that instant or we’d be stuck until the parade was over.  So, we took off.  I could see the parade CLEARLY in my rearview mirror as we drove down the street with parade goers waving to us from the sidewalk (talk about a close call).

From there we headed to JulyAmsh – the PowWow for the Coeur d’Alene tribe.  It was fun.  Rider was a real trooper (of course the promise of a “real” indian arrow helped).  We watched the horse entrance, the eagle staff ceremony, and the grand entrance before getting too hot and moving indoors.  Inside we watched a bit of the dancing then decided ice cream would make a great lunch.  So we ate our “lunch” (actually Rider ate it I didn’t want any) then got his “real” indian arrow and left.  Here’s a picture Rider took of the Grand Entrance.  :)

Rider Weekend 001

From there we headed to the park by my house where we “enjoyed” the city festival.  I say “enjoyed” because he enjoyed it, I was bored.  In the past they’ve had great food and some fun booths to look at.  This year they had the utility company and Dish network (neither of which I care to talk to) along with not one but TWO chiroprators and not much else.  The food — that left a lot to be desired.  But, the kids area was fun for Rider.  He jumped in the jumphouses, talked with the firemen, and won a goldfish AND African Dwarf Frog.  Unfortuntely the goldfish died shortly after he got home.  But, he’s dealing well with learning about the death of goldfish.

Sunday we went to church and unfortunately I guess we got there a little late because his class was full so he had to go to big church with me.  He was amazing though and got a special treat afterwards.  Of course, his chocolate bar ruined his lunch but dude, he sat through the entire church service and only talked when he wanted to tell me that he liked the song we were singing.  Of course, it probably helped that I let him use my camera to keep him happy.

Here’s some pictures of “big church” from a 5 y/o’s perspective.

Rider Weekend 002

Rider Weekend 004

Rider Weekend 003

FYI…the picture above is of my friend who preached for the first time yesterday.  Rider took this after I told him which one was Thad.  Guess he thought I’d want it?

It was a fun weekend. :)   But, now it’s back to work.



Some fun at the mall with the niece and nephew before they leave on vacation.

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