lanel_photo_250I’m just a girl living in the beautiful Idaho Panhandle. I love to share tales of my life in the north, even if it’s just random tales of my boring days.

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To put food on the table and a roof over my head I own Taylored Office Solutions. I am a self-employed numbers geek, I help people take the fear out of finances and budgets.   I love what I do and love the businesses I assist.  To give something back to the business world and support an industry I’m passionate about I co-founded the Virtual Assistance League in 2010

I also have three of the cutest kids in my life…a niece and two nephews. They really are the joy of my life. I haven’t been blessed with children of my own but these guys make that OK.

I had this four-legged creature come to stay at my house in 2008. He’s pretty cool when he isn’t trying to cling to my back with his sharp claws dug in my skin. He’s gotten quite a bit bigger than he was in this picture but he’s still pretty darn cute.  In 2010 Jeeves and I welcomed Panda into our house.  She’s one awesome dog.  (If I do say so myself.)  :)  She has taken over the joint (or so she thinks).  The cat and the dog ganged up against me and created their own blog Stinky Dog Blog where they can tell you what it’s really like living with me.  (No, I’m not crazy but it is my life through the eyes of a dog and cat.)

But really I’m just a girl. A girl who is looking for the answers. A girl who is looking for true love. A girl who is surviving.