My nephews and niece are a pretty important part of my life.  They have their own toys, bedroom, and bathroom at my house.  They have toothbrushes and their own cups in a cupboard that they can reach.  None of the kids have their own animals at their house so going to Aunties was pretty cool because I had a cat.  They knew the rules, they could play with the cat but if he went under my bed he was off-limits.

When I brought Panda home the first thing I asked was how she got along with kids because there are children at my house.  Well, Rider, my oldest (almost 7) nephew, grew up with my parents dog.  Now, granted, my parents dog is psychotic, but he knows how to behave around a dog.  Rider is great with Panda.  He can feed her (we have a special food routine where Panda has to sit until invited to eat) without a problem.  He can take her outside, he can walk her (the dog weighs almost twice what he weighs).  He can get her to sit or calm down.  Rider absolute loves Panda and she loves him back.

Ally (my 6 1/2 year old niece) also loves the dog.  Panda is  bit bigger than I think she thought so Ally gets a little overwhelmed at times but, again, Ally can walk her on a leash without problem.  If Panda gets overly excited Ally gets a little anxious but for the most part they are great together.

Then we have Kyle.  Kyle will be 4 in December and Kyle isn’t too fond of dogs.  He hasn’t been around them much and one time he had a dog snap at his face.  Of course, the more afraid he would get the more excited Panda would get because Kyle would start running around trying to get away from her.  Well, we had a break-through this week.  Kyle was in the office and wanted me to put Panda in her crate but I told Kyle to tell Panda that he’s the boss.  So, he did.  And Panda listened.  It was so neat to see.  The next day he was in the office and Panda came up to him again and Kyle put his hands on his hips and said “I’m the boss!”.  Panda sat down in front of him and it’s been a very happy boy and dog ever since.  Kyle also got brave enough to give Panda a treat and now he loves to give her treats and asks me when he comes if he can.  He tells her to sit then gives her a cookie.

I’m one happy Auntie with three kids who now love my dog.


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